Light and Blindness is the first in a series of sequels to When the Heart Betrays the Blood. I wanted to expand upon the ideas presented in WtHBtB, chiefly the notion that an action's "morality" is largely defined by its context  and how abstract  justice sometimes becomes.

When the Heart Betrays the Blood is a unique piece of sequential art. A 120 page book of wordless scratchboard illustrations combined with unadorned screenplay pages. Conceptually I intended the piece to be a sort of deconstructed comic; image and text segregated to tell a story dialectically. It's about a young Jewish girl's budding romance with the son of a white supremacist, and how in time this relationship inspires her to escape her own abusive household. Below is a breif excerpt illustrating the interplay between the image and text pages.

Rachel's Interrogation is the third book in the WtHBtB saga. It resolves the cliffhanger of Light and Blindness and raises further questions of its own, chiefly about how the public perceives individuals accused of crimes.